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Aryabhatta S.T.E.A.M

Where learning is experiencing !!

Aryabhatta STEAM experience academy was established to bring in STEAM learning experience to kids and make them passionate about holistic learning and not just academic based learning. We  believe that with the correct tools and under the right guidance, every kid is a  genius in the making. 

We use a variety of teaching methods  and techniques in our sessions to make sure that every kid feels encouraged, engaged and excited to learn. We also provide kids with any help and support they need to get the best in class experience while taking the sessions. 

Are you from Economically weaker section / know anyone from EWS who is willing to take STEAM experience sessions? Don't worry, we got you covered. If someone is willing to share their IT infrastructure with such kids, we will do our part in proving EWS kids with free courses along with course certificates.

Happy Learning !!!!

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